Online Guitar Lessons for Kids



Are you looking for the best way to teach your children how to play guitar? Well you have come to the right place. Don’t stunt your childs musical growth by making them use free youtube videos to learn how to play. This method gives them no structure or learning path to follow. Sign them up for Jamplay or Guitar Tricks to get the best out of their musical ability.

They can go through easy to follow training in the comfort of their own home. You can assist them and watch them, as they use the internet to fuel their creative ability.  Learning guitar is great for kids of any age. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Guitar tricks offer an amazing 14 day free trial on their Full Access package! So you and your kids can try it out, risk free for 2 weeks. I can almost guarantee that once they start playing along and learning from these amazing guitar tutors – they will not want to stop. I didn’t!

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Below are some great guitars for any budget to get started playing guitar. One of these, when included with training such as those mentioned above would be an excellent way to get your child into music. Or better yet, if you don’t already own a guitar yourself, why not buy one for you and your child. You can both learn together and use it as a wonderful bonding experience whilst learning the intricacies of plucking those magical strings :)

Here are a few great videos of some amazing children showcasing some of their skills… you never know, your child could be one of those after a few months of learning to play guitar online!

I started watching videos of Sungha Jung about 6 years ago.. he was he is only about 10 years old in this video. Amazing skills and it is so wonderful that his parents allowed him the opportunity to allow his gift of music to shine at a young age.